Why Tea Tree Oil?

Experience has shown that an uncontrolled growth of bacteria on the skin can cause many acute or prolonged skin problems. These skin problems can be overcome by using an effective, mild antiseptic and antibacterial solution. Many antiseptics, however, create an imbalance in skin flora as they generate the growth of healthy skin tissue but slow down the healing process.  Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare has the unique feature that it helps to restore skin's normal bacterial flora and gently heals the skin. Tea Tree Oil is a very potent natural antiseptic, and is effective even in very low concentrations, so the pure oil should be used cautiously. Even a 1% solution is enough to benefit from the antibacterial properties. Therefore, we suggest that the pure oil be diluted with water or a mild carrier oil (wheat germ/grape seed/olive oil) when treating areas of skin bigger than the back of your hand.